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advice needed

We have a cruise booked for May and it was booked on queen Victoria in Dec 2018. I need to cancel this cruise but both Cunard and Iglu say they have no record except that Cunard say that it was transferred to Iglu. So I cannot at present cancel but then neither have we been asked for payment! Has anyone any advice as to what I can do to cancel? Cunard phone is just ringing engaged, I have emailed but I did speak to a person yesterday.

Have they not even taken a deposit? if not it seems as if they have no boking so  if tht is yhe case you will not lose any money. You need to check the statement for how you thoght you paid and make sure there is no payment, if there is a payment that will be proof

Mike that is a good thought. I only have the booking confirmation sheet that we received on the Q V. We paid the deposit I think!  Though whether that was on our onboard account or on a credit card I can't remember. However yesterday I went into the voyage personaliser and Cunard have already filled in the basic details so at some point they have had a record of the booking! I shall try their phone line again this afternoon. There must be a lot of worried passengers trying to talk to them re coronavirus. At least Iglu now have a separate line for them.

How did you get on Sue?   Have you managed to cancel the cruise? 

We did get our cruise cancelled with the help on the Friday and Saturday of two lovely ladies at Iglu. The first actually found the booking and the second sorted out the cancellation after another dept failed to contact me.