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Anyone booked yet, we are on G005 end of May. Looking forward to the new ship and the fantastic Fjords.

To big for me I'm afraid Phil

I'm going on her as  I want to find out how I feel about such a large lady.  I already love Britannia, so I don't think I will have much of a problem.


Trouble is I am not on her till September 2021!!

As most of you know, I prefer little, old tubs to sail on!  I wish everyone cruising on Iona a great time but must say that the renderings P&O have released so far leave me completely cold.  Although I don't feel like rushing to try Britannia, all the photos and videos I have seen of her interiors look really nice.  All the ones I have seen so far of Iona make her look like a shopping mall and food court... (with an indoor pool of course :-)).