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Moments Magazine

Having not received the last issue, I assumed umbrage had been taken at a critical email I had sent them 😂, I was surprised to receive the latest edition this morning. Checking as I always do the 'Staff Rota', I was amused to see that Aurora doesn't appear to have an Entertainment Manager listed, normally if nothing is confirmed good old TBA steps in, but the actual position isn't in the list of Aurora officers.  Not that it concerns me as I'm not booked on Aurora but I just wondered if the IT gremlins are responsible for the editing of the magazine! 😂😂

I too noticed this fact in the magazine.  It seems the proof readers of this august publication are as good as the IT department at P & O !!  

I also noted that Neil Oliver is not listed anywhere.  Does this mean he could be involved with the gathering together of the entertainment of Iona in the same way he was involved with Britannia's pre launch work? 

I was amazed to actually get two consecutive issues!  I think you are probably right Maureen - that Neil is likely to be involved with the initial set-up on Iona - where's Flora, she will know :-).  I also said over on faceache that there seems to be a whole raft of new names as Entertainment Managers these days.  I only recognise two names in the list in the new Moments.  Mind you, there are also six names I don't know in the list of Captains too.