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New "My Cruises"

Anyone tried using this yet?  On another (not so nice) forum, there is a lot of criticism about it often not working and not being very intuitive.  Why is it every time P&O 'upgrade' their IT systems it always seems to be a backward step?

I don't actually need to use it just yet but will log in at some point to make sure my two booked cruises are there!



Can't get in yet, despite the email

I logged in this morning and my 2020 cruise is there but not the 2021 one.  I was able to enter my passport details but it is typical P&O - lots of oddities and errors.  Of course, despite the e-mail suggesting that I can book tours, speciality dining etc, none of this is yet available as it is still 46 weeks away.  It was however very gratifying to know that the length of my next cruise is 18.041666666666668 days! :-o.