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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Morning, bright and sunny again and I should get to sit out this afternoon again. Sunday phone call to my Mum later


Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy.

Match day for the Palace, away to Aston villa. Lots to play for as well. Villa are fighting to avoid relegation si they will need to win and Palace owe it to the other teams in the drop zone to put in a performance and get something out of the game.

I'm going to friend's to watch the game. I ain't had a proper Sunday roast for ages and my friend is doing my favourite, roast lamb. I'm going to enjoy that.

Not much happening after football. By the way I might have mentioned that there was two games in Pick yesterday. I was telling porkies, they are on today.

Stay safe


Bloody Aston Villa

Morning, actually got a busier day today, washing is on a and I have a haircut booked at 2pm, then a GP's PPG meeting on zoom at 6pm.  Sunny at the moment

Bloody useless Palace and Leicester.

Miserable day so far, raining all morning so a good job I cut the grass yesterday. 

Supposed to be playing tennis today but we've postponed in the hope it'll brighten up. 

Nowt else planned. 

Haircut done and I feel a lot better

Pleasant morning and early afternoon, had a good Mafia meeting then popped to the local shops.  An hour later the rain came, heavy rain at that, so no watering for me and hopefully the water butts collected a lot, they were almost empty. 

Heavy rain again yesterday evening,  dry and dull now, no plans today after yesterdays busier day

Well, our marvellous summer continues. Couple of nice days then back to cloud and rain. Did some food shopping on Sunday afternoon in Tesco, that was exciting...

Some interesting football results over the weekend. Obviously one I was particularly unhappy with. After Man City getting let off and with our next opponents being Liverpool, we are now definitely out of the reckoning for any European footy next season.

Yesterday spent some time getting on-line car insurance quotes. I always find this stressful as the only time you know if a company is any good is if you need to claim! My renewal from the AA has come down from £366 to £285 so far but LV and Direct Line are offering £226 and £206 respectively. I still miss having Tony to talk such things through with at times like this.

Also been trying to sort out a hospital Dermatology appt. The first they can offer is 9th September at a hospital 20-odd miles away in a town I don't know at all and which is nigh-on impossible to use public transport to get to. It's bad enough being anxious about the appointment without being a bit anxious about driving around a town centre I don't know ☹️. The two hospitals nearer to me are not even offering any appointments at the moment!

Sorry to rant - I'll try to perk up a bit now...


Cloudy but dry.

Yesterday was a nothing sort of day. I just couldn't be bothered.

Today however I'd a tad different. I'm going on holiday. Back up north to Blackpool. I need a change of scenery.

I now need to get ready for such holiday so the washing machine is doing its stuff and I've booked me train tickets. I'm all excited now.

Not much else happening today.

Stay safe