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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Numbers are creeping up in Devon and looking at the Zoe Covid19 map Cornwall’s figures have jumped up! Hardly surprising given the number of holidaymakers now in the SW, which wouldn’t be a problem if only they realised that distancing doesn’t mean only when you’re in your home area, Covid19 doesn’t take holidays!!!

Another hot sunny day, I’m just about to make a cuppa and sit outside in the courtyard. 

Well would you Adam and Eve it. On the day I'm going home Blackpool is bright, sunny and very warm.

Another brilliant holiday, despite the weather, is over and I'm on me way home.

Doing this this at Preston station, me train ain't till 12.04 si plenty of time.  Due into London Euston about 14.40 then a slog across London to Croydon. (The last bit I ain't looking forward to.)

Stay safe


Glad to hear you have had a good break Paul. I don't envy your journey across London this afternoon!

I'm having a quiet day, spending most of it indoors to keep cool. The back of my house gets a lot of sun. The thermometer in the garden is reading 35 in the shade and when I open the back door it feels like an oven!

Sadly, many folks seem to think the Covid crisis is over and that it is perfectly okay to go back to the old normal. Don't think the govt has helped by telling everyone to go on holiday - people are bound to relax and some will get stupid...

Morning, cloudy and a lot cooler this morning, slept better last couple of nights on top of the bed rather than under the duvet. Hopefully it will brighten up a bit so I can sit out again

We had some rain yesterday evening not a lot but enough to save me watering the plants.  It did nothing to lower the temperature although we’re nowhere near as hot as the London areas plus we have a sea breeze, a warm one but a breeze nonetheless.

It’s changeover day today which gives the locals a chance to do their shopping unhindered by meandering grockles!


Cloudy today with loads of blue bits so the sun keeps putting in a performance. A lot cooler than yesterday.

Got to go food shopping this morning and I've a ton of washing to do. Best get in with it.

FA Cup Final today so everything will stop for that. Should be a good game. At least the two finalists are used to playing in a ground thats got no atmosphere.

Stay safe


A very cutting comment that Paul but very funny.

Been up from very early this morning as our son had some severe pains and after consulting NHS 111 was advised to go to A&E as it sounded like appendicitis. So I went over to take him as they didn't want to have to wake our Ethan at 3 in the morning. It's not appendicitis so at 5.30 I was off to collect and take son home but they're not sure what's causing the pain.

By then I was wide awake so got my morning work out of the way and then Tina and I went to town and got the shopping sorted before it got too busy. Pleased to report that with very few exceptions people were socially distancing, wearing masks and generally behaving properly. There again, although we're locked down our area is one of the two lowest in Gtr. Manchester for cases.

We've had a bit of rain this morning but it's brightening up now and I'm off to play tennis outside soon, so hope it stays like that.

A quiet evening beckons, probably as I shall be so tired I expect to fall asleep quite early.

Morning, sunny and warm again, not much planned apart from sitting out this afternoon

A high white cloud morning, it’s still bright as the sun is doing its best to shine, feels warm and humid...nothing a good thunderstorm wouldn’t sort out unfortunately there’s no sign of one in the forecast.

I hope your son feels better this morning David.

An easy oasy sort of day here, I may go for a walk as I did yesterday, although I kept free of the shopping streets as they looked very busy. 


Blue sky here and pleasantly warm.

A quiet day today. I'll catch up with the washing tomorrow.

Stay safe