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Welcome to Dolly's Place


Sunny but cold.

Friday's highlight is my normal fish n chips for tea and Maldon & Tiptree vs Newport Country in the FA Cup. Live on the Beeb tonight.

Andrew.........I guess you have heard the news, the Gunners have sacked their manager, Mr Emery has left the building.


Morning cold, -2c, and misty. Charlecote as usual, house opens for Christmas today, but the plant centre will be freezing

Morning all.

Sunny but cold.

Football today is Bromley v Yeovil. Palace are away at Burnley. 


Dry at the moment but blowing a hooley, the sea at high tide earlier was crashing over the promenade so no doubt the trains have been cancelled for a few hours! 

What a change and a very welcome one, bright blue sky and sunshine, colder but as the wind speed has dropped a lot since yesterday it's a lovely day!

Morning all.

It's a lovely day hear as well. 

Can't believe it's December already.  A quite day today, not much else to do other than watch the box.


Bright and blue here as well, but boy it was c9ld. The day at Charlecote and the Plant shop was freezing. Half my Christmas presents have arrived today, original delivery date Wednesday!

Morning, bright and cold and frosty, -.2.5c . washing is on and that;s it apart from stay warm

First Monday of the month, again, so it must be fire alarm test day.  I've got a new neighbour who moved in on Saturday   I wonder if he knows about the monthly fire alarm ritual? 😏😂

Lovely sunny but cold day, I don't mind the cold it's the rain I'm fed up with so cafe crawling is definitely on the menu!  Off out this evening to see the filmed broadcast of the live performance of Les Mis......I love the music.

Morning, cold and sunny start,but at least it's above zero this morning, no plans for the day