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Welcome to Dolly's Place


The sun is trying it's best to burst through the thin white cloud what is covering it. It's quite warm, rather pleasant actually.

I've got a load of washing on and come out for a walk, so I'm doing this on my bench in the park. I've done 1 lap and I'll do another before going down to the Saucy Sausage for a cuppa. 

Palace are playing tonight in the League Cup, away to Bournemouth. We've played the Cherries loads of times in the League but in 95 years we have never played them in any cup competition so tonight we make history.  I've finally decided what to do about me football, I ain't buying a season ticket this year, I'll watch the Palace on the box when I can, and buy my season ticket for next season. For 200 quid they will save my seat and take 200 off me 21/22 season ticket. Isn't that kind of them. So I've spent 200 pound this morning and won't see nothing for me money until August next year, hopefully. Several of my Palace friends have renewed their season tickets so I'm hoping that if one of them can't go to a match that is allocated to them they will remember me and lend me their ticket, so I might get to see the Palace at sometime but  very unlikely knowing my mates.

Stay safe




Sunshine, some light cloud and even a very light sprinkling of rain, it didn’t even dampen the pavements but naturally it was whilst I was out buying a loaf from the local bakers!

I took delivery today of a new duvet set, it’s been washed and is now drying, looking forward to using it for the next bed linen change. 

I feel quite ashamed David!

Apart from some household admin, I have had a fairly lazy day in scorching temperatures. It was sunny all day until some very thin, high cloud made it a little hazy about 4.30. The garden thermometer hit 30 degrees. In fact, it has stayed warm and I am composing this just after 9pm still sitting out in the garden.

I see Carnival Corp has announced that it is now offloading a total of 18 ships, not 13. Two will be the HAL ships that have gone to Fred Olsen but that leaves another 3 to be identified/named...

Volunteer work tomorrow morning.

Morning, bright and sunny start again, only plan is to sit out this afternoon.


I have finally got my credit through from P&O now, was going to book next  June but as the new brochure comes out in December and I already have one next year, I have until December next year to us it I'll book one for 2022, got £2,750 to use so should be a good cruise

Another nice day and after a quick trip to Bury Market and to M&S to pick up a click and collect order, it was back home to get another wall stripped. much quicker with the steamer but very fiddly again around the radiator and the switches and sockets.

As I'm out tomorrow on the bike, Tina said she's going to do the last wall in the dining room, no sockets or switches there so should be easy.

Then went off to a website design meeting with the lady who's been developing the website for our local IAM Group and we've made a few changes and I'm now one of the Admins for this so we can make our own amendments in future.

Now going to have a nice roast dinner, a bottle of wine between the three of us and a quiet evening in.


Had a busy domestic goddess sort of day, bed change, washing, ironing, shopping locally and then dealing with a fairly hefty Sainsbury’s delivery.  All on a very warm humid day, nowhere near as busy as your days David but busy enough for me! 🙂 

Morning, sunny but cooler today, yesterday really clouded over in the Afternoon. Weekly shop done and that will be it for the day


After a cloudy and coldish start we are now in sunshine 🌞 a few fluffy clouds keep putting us back in the shade but we are dry and enjoying a rather pleasant dirt of day.

Yesterday was a very quiet day, didn't really do much and today is following the same pattern . A short walk followed by a bacon sandwich in the Saucy Sausage yesterday and today a short walk followed by a sausage sarnie in our posh cafe the Tram Stop. 

Stay safe




Hello everyone,

I hadn't realised this site had been resurrected, well done Brad

Hope everyone is keeping safe

Welcome back