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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Morning, after a very windy night calmer again now. Charlecote as per usual again today

Rain, sunshine, rain and now sunshine again. Personally I prefer the sunshine! 

Hail here and very dark. Been to see my dad he will be 92 on Thursday.  Got a busy week and need to wrap presents for family coming on the weekend. 

Morning, after another windy night bright now, Washing is on

Off for my 6monthly blood test this morning then meeting up with friends for a cuppa.  Christmas cards all written, presents wrapped, cakes made and iced, onions pickled so that’s me sorted. 

Morning, dull and dank start, haircut today

A really rough day here, gale force rain and high winds....I’m not going very far! 

Morning, dry and cloudy at the moment. U3A Christmas lunch today at the cricket club, so no doubt I'll be stuffed later

No rain as yet so I hope to be able to go out to do some shopping without getting soaked.  The clouds are looking very ominous though. 

Morning all.

Clear sky at the moment and it's considerably milder than it has been.

Had another blood test this morning. There can't be much blood left in me left arm amount they've taken just lately.

Another quiet day awaits today.