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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Palace are not too shabby this season either 😁 Paul


Quote from karen23 on September 28, 2020, 10:57 am

Hello all, Im back, I was Ipswich23 but I couldn't log in so I’ve re-launched 😬


Welcome back on board Karen! 😀

Dark grey clouds, no rain yet and thankfully very few day trippers, nice to get our town back! 

Busy day yesterday, stripped the ceiling in the living room and going to start doing the dining room soon. Tennis this afternoon and as it's nice we'll be outside in the sun.



Morning, started cloudy but sunny and warmer now, not much planned again today, but hopefully might get to sit out for n hour later


Cloudy and rather dull. Dry now but we have rain.

Nothing much happening today.

Stay safe



Bloody Liverpool!

Welcome back Karen, good to 'see you' here again.

Got back to another pre-lockdown activity at last yesterday when I went for a swim. All very different of course. The Spa area is still not in use, so having to use the main changing areas and showers etc which is a bit of a hassle. A one-way system is sensibly in place and everyone has to book in advance as numbers are limited. Three separate lanes in the pool with a one way system there too. Was quite surprised that I managed 21 lengths at a gentle pace, so reasonably pleased with myself.

Very dull and dreary day here today. No exciting plans but decorator number 3 is coming round this afternoon. As I have discounted number 1, I will be able to choose once I get a quote from number 3.

Lovely sunny morning, it was miserable and drizzly yesterday.


I’m off to Tesco later, the first time since the area has gone into local lockdown, I wonder if there will be any difference, a rush on toilet rolls maybe 🤣


Morning, dark clouds rolling in, so rain is on the way,  Managed 1½ hours sitting out yesterday, doesn't look like I will get any today, so a quiet day


Sunny and quite warm early on, it's clouded up now but they ain't rain clouds....yet.

I really hope the Premier League or the government can come up with a financial deal so the National League can kick off on Saturday as planned. It would be a tragedy if we lost just one club because of the restrictions forced on football clubs because of covid. My fear is that if no deal is agreed then we will lose several and that would upset many, many communities.

Been for a walk around the park and a  bacon sarnie at the Saucy Sausage. Back home now where the rest of the day will be at leisure.

Stay safe


Pouring down and quite gloomy, a day for staying inside today.