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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Wet and miserable all day today.

Electrician been here but had had to go to pick his kids up from school so will be back tomorrow or Friday to finish the first part of the job.

Finished the stripping and got three full bags of wallpaper to take down the tip later, plus some other junk to go.

Might be out on the bike tomorrow, it's somewhat weather dependent.

The third of three decorators arrived on time yesterday. Just waiting for his quote now.

At the museum for my volunteer stint this morning. All sorts of IT problems so I didn't get as much done as I would like.

Called in at the office of a glazing/door company on the way home and so now have two companies coming to quote. One on Friday and the other next Tuesday. Would be nice if I could get the door done this year but I won't hold my breath...

Up early for our flu jabs and there was quite a queue but the GP's set up like a production line and we were back within 30 minutes of setting off.

Probably out on the bike this afternoon as no workmen today, electrician coming on Friday now and we also have a shower engineer coming as our electric shower is playing up. Annoying as they replaced the PCB last October and now it seems to have the same problem, not heating the water properly.

Morning, I have my Flu jab Saturday. weekly food shop done and quiet again, not much else today as it's dull, but dry


Cloudy but dry.

I've got my flu jab next Tuesday. What a lot of jabs.

Just going out. Ain't going far. A stroll round the block or a lap or two around the park. Ain't decided yet. You never know I might even pop into a cafe as well.

Not much else happening today after that.

Stay safe




Its been a strange year but its October already, lovely sunny morning to start a new month 🙂


Sunny until 3pm then rain and it’s been off and on since then. A quiet day apart from popping out to post a couple of birthday cards and a quick scoot round the local co-op for a few items.

Youngest son and family coming to see me on Sunday so I shall be baking on Saturday! 

Very overcast but not raining at the moment. Weird that my flu jab yesterday didn't hurt at all and no pain after but last night if I lay on my left side it felt like someone had really punched my upper arm .

Anyway had a nice bike ride yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours and up early this morning as the shower engineer advised he would be arriving around 8am.

He came, he saw and he's gone away as he doesn't have the required part to repair it in his stock. As we're away next week we've arranged that he'll come one day the week after to make the repair.

Off to tennis this morning and hopefully the electrician will be here when I get back and he'll be finishing off all the preparatory work and the wiring. Then once we have all the decorating complete he'll come and actually fit all the new switches and lights.

We're off to our third (of this year) sequence dance class this evening, it's very strange with only 8 couples allowed, you have to book and pay in advance and only 4 couples allowed to dance at a time BUT it's still great fun and such a nice group of people.


Wet and windy and very gloomy......a 'orrible day.

So I'm staying in. I don't need to go out so I ain't, not until this evening when I go and get me fish n chips.

I wouldn't mind a pound for each hour I've spent in Ossie's but you don't go there if you is in a hurry. He cooks his fish to order and you often have to wait for the chips as well. His chip fryer is constantly on so the chips are always as fresh as the fish 🐟. There's always a queue as well. Not surprised at that because they are delicious.....a tad expensive though.

Stay safe



Morning, wet and dismal here as well, not much planned today, I've not fancied a take away since the pandemic started I'd rather cook my own, let's face it I have plenty of time now