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Welcome to Dolly's Place


Cloudy but dry.

I'm going food shopping in a few minutes and have to visit the chemist as well.

Palace ain't playing until tomorrow but there's a live game on BT that might be worth watching Everton v Liverpool. Loads of football on this evening so that's how I will spend most of my day, in front of the box. For me tea I'll probably get a curry delivered.

Stay safe



Busy couple of days for me. On Thursday I went down to Welwyn Garden City to meet up with a friend and go for a walk. It was a day of sunshine and showers but fortunately stayed dry whilst we were out. 

Yesterday, I drove over to Hertford, our County Town of course, to visit the showroom of one of the two door suppliers I am trying to choose between. It is not getting any easier. Trying to get the best-looking door, with the nicest glass and the nicest door furniture is no mean feat. I had a Panini at Café Nero in Hertford for lunch and it was mild enough to sit out. It is a strange little town. It has some beautiful old buildings but on every rare occasion that I have visited, it always looks a bit down-at-heel. I returned to Stevenage and popped in to the other door supplier and am awaiting some further information. Then called in to Majestic Wine to stock up my (6 bottle) wine rack! Last night as it was dry I got fish and chips for dinner. I think my haddock had been on steroids - it was so big I had to cut it in half to get it on the plate.

Mixture of sun and cloud so far today. If it stays dry I'll get out for a walk this afternoon after watching the Merseyside derby on TV.

I went into the town centre yesterday for the first time in a few weeks, the local lockdowns are hitting hard it was very quiet, and I noticed a big sign in the Peackocks window saying it was closing, its quite a big shop so its going to look awful when its another empty shop.

Off to local garden centre soon while its still sunny, then the new series of strictly starts tonight 🙂

Should have been boarding Arcadia today, but I'll make do with a call to my Mum instead, Dull, still and chilly outsde


Bright but it sunny.

Today should be a massive day in my football calender. Palace v Brighton is a hugh day for both clubs and their supporters. I've been to every Palace/Brighton clash since the early 70's. (I don't go to the Amex. I've been a couple of times but the place is a dump) but today I have to miss one and it hurts. I can't even go to a friend's house to watch it on Sky so I'll just listen to it on the wireless instead. 

I've been out for a  little walk and visited our fishmongers and bought some shellfish for me tea. I'll peel the prawns while listening to the radio. Got a few cockles and whelks as well. 

Just making me breakfast. A bacon and fried egg sandwich which I'll eat while reading me paper.

Stay safe


PS.....Did you watch Strictly last night? I didn't enjoy it at all. For me it was a totally different programme. I hope it gets better.

I saw strictly, its not the same without an audience, but I will still watch it 🙂

Finally got all the ingredients for the Christmas cake yesterday. soaked the fruit in a very healthy glug of brandy overnight and the cake is now baking in the oven.

It was cloudy earlier but the sun has made an appearance this afternoon and it’s not too chilly!

Pleased to say that Exeter Chiefs are the Rugby Union European Champions, for the first time in their history, as of yesterday. 🏉

So, the Amex Stadium is a dump eh Paul? Jealousy is a terrible thing 😉😊

Today has been another dry, dreary day. The highlight for me was getting my food shop done in Tesco - oh, and Brighton getting a point at Palace of course - oh, and a certain other North London Team throwing away a 3 goal lead 😄.

Today I should have been at sea aboard the lovely Aurora. Would have been in Valencia yesterday, somewhere I have never been to. In case any of you don't ever look at Cruise Critic, someone has posted sneak previews of the P&O itineraries for Summer 2022. Not all the ports but region and cruise lengths. If you are interested, you'll find them here:

I also watched Strictly last night and must say that I thought they did it very well all things considered. Let's face it, very few aspects of life are how we would like them to be at the moment.

Morning dull and dry again. Fortnightly get together this morning, socially distanced of course


Cloudy and sun.

Andrew....dear boy. I am a lot of things, some good, some bad. But never, ever, ever in a week of Sunday's is this Palace fan jealous of anything that the 'seaweed' have or do.🤓🙋

Been for a couple of laps of the park and am sitting on my bench doing this. On me way home I'll get a bacon sarnie takeaway from the Saucy Sausage and eat outside the old post office before walking home for a cuppa and to read me paper.

Nothing much else happening today.

Stay safe


PS......I ain't giving up on Strictly but it will take a bit of time to get used to it.