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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Sorry to hear you've not been well Paul.  Not that Arsenal deserved a win but Palace were lucky with help from Granit Xhaka and VAR!

Enjoyed the film 1917 last night.  Excellent technically but the story-line as portrayed became a bit far-fetched about half-way in.

Sunshine & cloud today. Got a washing on at the moment and a few chores to do this afternoon.

Sorry you’ve been poorly Paul, hope you feel a lot better now......there’s a lot of ‘there’s a lot of it going around’ viruses at the moment, so take care. 

Went out this morning as I needed a few bits and bobs, also had a cuppa and a natter with friends but it was very chilly although the sun was and still is shining, so didn’t stay out long.

Had a bad night’s sleep last night so I’m having a lazy snoozy afternoon and evening and hoping for a better sleep tonight.

Well first I have to say how happy I am to see the Hornets finally out of the relegation zone for the first time this season, though by no means out of danger yet.

As it was chucking it down for most of the day there was no bike ride for me but we went along with son and DIL to do a bit of house hunting and then whilst Tina and DL went to church, I went home and got some clearing up done.

Bit of excitement yesterday evening , as we were upstairs getting everything ready to store in the loft, we saw flashing blue lights at the farm across the field at the back and then noticed the chimney seemed to be on fire. Not sure exactly what's happened yet but one of the chimney stacks has pretty  much been burnt away and just hope no-one's been hurt.

Not a lot on today but we are getting ready to head off for a week in Northumberland to celebrate our DIL's 30th together with her family and friends.

Morning, yesterday was surprisingly busy again, with chaos in the car park as Charlecote is being used to film Amazon Primes Spanish Princess today and tomorrow, you would not believe the number of trucks the use, must bat at least 20, half of them Artics., interesting the first to arrive was the catering van! Only plan today is the GP PPG meeting at 6pm, weather dry so far

Blowing a cold hooley with mizzle today, we did brave it and went out for a short cafe crawl....just the one cafe!   Now back in the warm and intending to stay here. 

Sunshine and showers here today so far.  Been out to B&Q to get a stick-on picture hook. My kitchen wall is so inconsistent.  Most of my walls are soft plasterboard but the kitchen seems to have plenty of very hard bits in it! Off for a swim this afternoon.

Morning, calkm at the moment between the storms, no plans today apart from stay out of the weather

Very wet and windy last night but dry so far - albeit a bit dreary.  Today is a day of chores for me as I have a busy three days coming up with a friend visiting, meals out and a theatre trip to London to see 'A Taste of Honey'. At least the weather gods seem to be promising us a drier, brighter day tomorrow!

Rain, gale force winds and flood warnings.......just your average January Tuesday! 

Not sure what we're doing today but maybe a quick cafe visit in between the rain drops! 


Cloudy, a tad windy and that light persistent drizzle.

Been to the doctor's this morning and a bit of a stroll around the park and  a latte in our posh cafe the Team Stop. Home now and this is where I intend to stay until tomorrow morning.