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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Another dreary and damp day here too.  I'm a bit fed up with the start to this year I must say.  Three deaths within two weeks, my oldest friend (whose Mum died about 10 days ago) has just been diagnosed with skin cancer, my niece's husband (who has been living with myeloma for years) is having a bad time and my brother-in-law has been referred to hospital because of a suspicious mass in his bladder.

Got a washing on so will do some ironing later and might take a walk out this afternoon to a new cafe that has opened.


Dull and damp but it ain't raining . Mild.

Meeting a friend soon for lunch at the Saucy Sausage. After that a quiet day awaits.


It really is a rotten start to the year Andrew, I'm so sorry. 

Yet another damp, dank day......bring back those lovely sunny, crisp days, there's been way too few of them this winter. 

Morning, another dull day here. Weekly shop to do this morning.

The cloud cover is higher and lighter this morning and it feels warmer, much pleasanter as the dank air has moved off and the pavements are dry again.  
I have been reorganising the cupboard in my wardrobe and it’s all beautifully neat and tidy now.  Got rid of a fair bit as well. 


Very dull. In fact I've HG as to put me light on it's so dark.

Might go to the cinema tonight. Not sure whether the film's out yet though. I wanna see that Adventures of David Copperfield. If I don't go tonight I'll go later. 

Saw 1917 the other day that was very good.


Morning, dell and dry again. Charlecote as usual today

A gloomy day here but still dry although that's set to change for tomorrow.  Went out and met up with the usual suspects to have a laugh and put the world to rights, then some shopping and now home having lunch whilst the washing machine does it's thing! 

Morning, bright and dry t the moment, but rain forecast. u3a Sunday lunch today at the local pub up the road from me

Morning all.  Hadn't realised that I had missed posting for TWO days - my standards are slipping...

Got for a swim on Friday afternoon as usual.  It was lovely and quiet in the pool.  Yesterday's excitement was the weekly shop although I didn't need a week's shop as I am away for a few days.  Yesterday of course was Burns Night and although I'm not Scottish, I keep up some of the traditions that Tony brought into my life - which of course meant Haggis for dinner!  Couldn't get any swede (Neeps) so got some root vegetable mash with swede in it.  I do draw the line at a tot of Whiskey though - that's never been my tipple.

Awoke this morning and found I had no water.  It seems there is a problem with a "booster", whatever that is - and it is affecting quite a large local area.  Hope it is sorted soon.

Today's task is to get ready for 4 nights away at Warner's Thoresby Hall.  Two friends that we met on our first P&O cruise are joining me on Wednesday for two nights, so that will be nice.