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Welcome to Dolly's Place


Sunny but very cold. 

Not much happening today.



Sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain etc etc and feeling a tad chilly.  My neighbour is not too well so I’ve been spending time with her waiting for the GP, he’s been and district nurses ordered up for this afternoon, so I’m popping back over once I’ve had lunch. 

New settee has arrived and it looks very nice, and in my original colour choice that they said wasn't available, new one came in well but the big old one was a faff to get out as it was so big, but they managed it OK

Morning, sunny and chilly, but at least the wind has dropped, no plans today,only day this week. Listening to so called tree surgeons butchering trees, they did 6 at the back yesterday, now attacking ones at the front

Unfortunately my neighbour had to be hospitalised yesterday, it was a long day of waiting for medical people and a very painful one for her but hopefully she is now on strong pain relief and will soon be well on the way to recovery.   I’m hoping to see her tomorrow. 

Morning, a very wet bight now dull damp and chilly. u3a history group at 11 this morning

Morning, wet on the ground but the sun's out at the moment and the wind seems to have died away. Normally would be getting ready for a bike ride but have to go to hospital for a minor investigation and possible procedure so only on water since 7.30am and appointment not until 12.30.

Hopefully all will go quickly and can then have a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Got back home to find them cutting back more trees right outside my flat with the wood chopper making a right racket

Morning dry bright and chilly. Weekly shop this morning and u3a weekday lunch later

All went well yesterday but opted out of playing tennis this morning to give a bit extra recovery time. Harold just arrived for a little stay with us today and then we're out for a Valentine's gig and dinner tonight.