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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Morning all. 


Sunny but cold.

Been down to the Co-Op this morning. Home now and this where I will stay until tomorrow.



Morning, dark dull and damp start to the day. No plans for the day

Oh what a grey day, no rain.......yet, but it's on it's way! 

Cold, wet and windy here, a real miserable day. Roll on Sunday and Oceana.

Morning, actually dry at the moment. Already been for my 6 monthly blood pressure check up at Doctor, 7.40 appointment! food shop to do now

Yay! I've found my way over here.  How lovely to be back - although you all might not agree :-).

Miserable day here too.  I am off to Southampton shortly - sadly not to board a ship but in readiness for the Ocean Liner Society Ship Show tomorrow.  I had originally planned to go down just for the day by train but there are engineering works tomorrow meaning a contorted journey so am driving down instead and staying tonight at the Premier Inn - a first for me.

Welcome back Andrew, we will be on our way to Southampton tomorrow, did I mention we will be cruising Sunday? 35 nights to the Caribbean, on Oceana.

Here is one for Paul, not quite your posh nosh.

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Welcome back Andrew, good to see the old gang back on board. x 

Well were packed and ready for our trip to Southampton before boarding Oceana tomorrow. The weather looks decent. Don't go breaking the new site while I am away, especially that Bunnygirl, if she eventually finds her way here.