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Welcome to Dolly's Place

A brilliant day here once it warmed up. Dug out the garden furniture and sat out in lovely warm sunshine, great day for isolation in the back garden.

Morning a bright day and not as chilly. Was supposed to have an opticians appointment this morning that is now obviously cancelled, will do my allowed once a day walk, If I   do the same as last week I didn't see anyone.


Look after yourselves everyone


Another cold (but not as cold as yesterday) and sunny day.

I ain't been to the park yet, thought I would leave it to this afternoon today but I'm getting itchy feet so I might go in a few minutes.

Nearly finished Kane and Abel so I'll start a new book later today.

Stay safe.


Housework this morning but will take a chair and sit outside in the courtyard soon with a cuppa, my neighbour will be sitting metres away so we’ll shout!! 

Morning bright and sunny again, interesting how the weather has been better now we can't go anywhere!!. Done the exciting think this morning, taken the recycling bin to the end of the road!

Hi all.  Trying to make sure I get out for a walk every day, which with this glorious weather is very nice.  Yesterday was much quieter than previously.  I had run out of bread and milk so went to the local small supermarket and got them both.  They are being sensible with things like bread, eggs etc and limiting people to ONE each.  Good to see that everyone was keeping a good distance - including the staff behind the tills.

Although I live in a fairly built-up area, I am lucky that I am literally on the edge of the town with open countryside within view the other side of the adjacent road.  Also well-served by a Bridleway meaning I can walk to the local shops through what feels like a country lane - even though it isn't!

I see my local football team featured on the National News yesterday about what they are doing for the community through this crisis. 


Sunny again and mild, though it's not quite as mild as yesterday.

It's really rather pleasant out there this morning so I had 3 laps of the park. Been out and cleared the mess up that the bin men had left behind. Why can't they pick something up when they drop it. 

I'm doing this sitting in the sun, in the back garden with a  mug of tea and a few custard creams. Next door is cutting his grass and that rather pleasant aroma of freshly cut lawn is wafting on the breeze to our side of the fence 

More reading, cd playing and dvd watching to come later.

Stay safe and you jolly well make sure you wash then hands.


Another beautiful spring day here as well.  Our patio furniture arrived and Terry from apartment 4 has assembled it, it looks good and will save me carrying one of my dining chairs out to the courtyard for my fresh air.

Coffee sponge made and cooling, filling, icing and walnuts to be added when it’s cool...I blame my middle son Tom for posting photos of his cake as I immediately wanted a slice!  

Another cracking day here, topping up the tan again.

Morning sunny and bright again. Weekly shop this morning, at least I will be getting out