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Iceland just text that they are on their way!  Excitement knows no bounds.  
I’ve been busy this morning 3 plum crumbles made, apples stewed and awaiting the same crumbly treatment when the spirit moves me! 


Cloudy. Not as cold as the weekend.

Instead of my walk around the park today I walked down to the Co-Op. How exciting is that.😄 After me online shop I realised I'd forgotten the milk and had nothing for dinner tonight. I also went into a newsagent. From tomorrow I get me Mirror delivered and I don't have to go out to get it, just a precaution.

I never realised just how difficult jigsaw's are but I'm going slowly.

Arguably the Palace v Man United match when Eric Cantona Kung Fu kicked a Palace fan is one of the most talked about football incidents in the history of the game. Even people who hate football have heard of that game. Anyway I was surprised when I read an article in today's paper, that incident was 25 years ago. Can you believe that. Time, like Cantona really does fly.

Thats enough of my ramblings for one day.

Stay safe.


Morning, sunny again, have you noticed how much sunnier and dry it's been since we can't go out? Tired this morning as I kept waking up last night, no plans today

Quote from Mikef on March 31, 2020, 8:29 am

Morning, sunny again, have you noticed how much sunnier and dry it's been since we can't go out?

Absolutely Mike. Very frustrating indeed. After weeks of only being out 3 times on my bike it's now perfect weather for riding and of course, I'm going nowhere.

Walking is now my only exercise as I've never been a fan of drills so did 2-3 miles today and as I was on my own, was able to really stride out. Quite hot when I got home.

Decided to give the jobs a miss today but will get back doing something tomorrow.

Not as cloudy or cold today, the sun showed her face occasionally so we managed our cuppa well wrapped up sitting in the courtyard.   
Apple crumbles made today, one left on the doorstep of the neighbour who bought the apples for me. 

Morning dull and dry start, excitement of the day is over, washed the hair and showered.

Back to the clear blue sky and sunshine still feels a bit nippy but will hopefully warm up later when we sit out for our cuppa and natter! 
I have one final letter to post for my friend Julie who is on Arcadia and not due back until April 12th, she’s certainly having more than her fair share of sea days, it could take a while for her land legs to adjust!! 


Cloudy but dry. Fairly mild.

Not much happening today, just the usual stroll around the park.

Stay safe


Fair to middlin here, could do with warming up a bit but it's dry.

Rain overnight and showers predicted but apart from being very overcast and very windy it's dry at the moment. However I think the patio cleaning can wait a bit longer. Did another session of wallpaper stripping yesterday and I think I've nearly done as much as is needed until the decorator can come.

Had some bad news yesterday that one of our Friday morning tennis players has passed away. Not sure it was anything to do with this virus as he apparently had a heart attack but he was such a lovely man and will be missed. Not even possible for us all to attend and say our farewells now.