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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Sun is out now and it's warming up, Tesco queue was the shortest yet

Very warm in the courtyard this morning and it’s noticeable how much higher in the sky the sun is now, normally I’m sitting in the shade for as long as 45 minutes before the sun hits my toes but this morning I was almost in full sun from the moment I sat down.  In fact we had to move into the shade as the temperature rose rapidly.

Went for a little stroll early afternoon, popped into a local baker.....the lockdown diet is going very well...yeah right! 🙂

According to a neighbour there’s way too many people around and the opinion of the local police is that it’s the 19-30 year olds flouting the regulations and guidelines plus causing problems on beaches with no lifeguards!!  Obviously they feel they’re invulnerable and to hell with the rest of us including their own extended families.  We really need a distance limit on travel for daily exercise as cars and vans are turning up and stopping overnight, no public loos opened many car parks closed so they park illegally and one of the worst things I’ve read is they’re leaving poly bags of human waste outside the closed public loos!!!  Pandemic what pandemic appears to be their mentality!  Rant over. 


Didn't play tennis yesterday as the court was booked for next Wednesday...doh!!!

Had a nice walk though and son, d-i-l and grandson came round and we all sat out in the garden for a while.

Then today I had to set off to take my bike in for service and two of my neighbours (who are also bikers) came down and we met up for a ride. It wasn't too warm when we set off but it did get quite hot later. The others left me as I had to wait until my bike was ready so stopped at a butty wagon by the Bridgewater Canal and had lunch in the sun.

Collected my bike and had an interesting chat with the Manager who's offered me quite a good deal on a new model, so I've asked him to detail all the costs and will see if I splash out or not.

Morning, dull start and windy but non of the forecast rain, nothing planned hopefully I'll still be able to sit out this afternoon


Mostly cloudy but there are a few patches if blue sky. Warm but not as warm as yesterday which was a scorcher.

I've had a couple of laps of the park and that's it for today.

Stay safe


What a gorgeous day again yesterday. As previously mentioned, yesterday brought the excitement of a trip to Tesco for my food shop. Funnily enough Mike, it was the busiest I had seen it it and so it took about 15 minutes in the queue before getting in. Just as well i had put some factor 30 on my face. Got everything but eggs. They only had Barn Eggs in boxes of 6 and I only buy Free Range. Some idiots still have not got the hang of a one-way system up & down the aisles.

Apart from that, I spent time in the garden and caught up with friends and family on either phone or tablet. Clap for carers last night as usual. Apart from taking part, it is also enjoyable as several of us have a bit of a natter/gossip afterwards for about half an hour. Last nights topics were what the Police were doing early the other morning and whether the Ice Cream van that comes down the road at 4pm every day - year round - sells more than just ice cream...

Trying to decide whether to go to the local Garden Centre today. The only thing I desperately need is something to kill off the plague of ants in the garden. Today started off very overcast but is breaking now. A little blowy too. Here comes the weekend - not that it means anything now...

It's brightening up here now after rain overnight but there's quite a wind blowing.

Was going to do a bit of hoovering up in the garden but waiting for the wind to die down first.

Not a lot planned today though I'll be off for a walk in a bit but getting a lot of things prepared for listing on eBay as they have a max selling offer on at the moment.

Another good turnout for the happy, clappy session last night and we've arranged another socially distanced street party for Monday afternoon.

Very windy here with quite a hefty cloud cover, when the sun does manage to force it’s way through it’s pleasantly warm but that’s not happening very often.  Gave up on the chatter after 45 minutes this morning.

We had rain overnight and have been promised more for tonight and tomorrow morning so that’s another day I don’t need to water the planters.

Just completing a Sainsbury online order for Sunday, waiting for the last neighbour’s list and then I can forget about that! 

Morning, glad to say the wind has dropped sunny spells at the moment, hopefully it will warm enough to sit out, with the tablet watching the German football

Morning all. It's a bit windy so it could be an interesting tennis match later at midday

Other than that not got a lot planned for today, other than to decide whether to take up the offer of a new motorbike now I've got a full breakdown of the deal.