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Cloudy and windy today 

Watched Watford v Southampton yesterday. Shame about the result  Well the second half anyway. I was looking in me paper TV listings and found  a channel called Pick  on Freeview. Pick have a number of live games and seem to be showing the same coverage as Sky.

It's match day for Palace and out first Premier game behind closed doors. It feels very  strange to be honest. Palace are at home vs  Burnley and I ain't going to be there. The game is being shown ' free to air' on Amazon Prime so hopefully I'll get to see it but it just won't be the same. Never mind not a lot I can go about it.

Got a load in the washing machine and when that finushes I'll go for a walk.

Stay safe


Bloody Southampton but to be frank we were rubbish and if we don't buck up and soon, we may well be destined for the drop!!!

A wet, miserable and cold day and I've got to head off to the hospital for an X Ray on my knee. Of course, now I've got that scheduled the swelling has gone down a lot.

Nothing else planned for today though our Ethan has just arrived having been for his test session at nursery.

Like most places, it was very much sunshine and showers all day yesterday. Fortunately, there was enough footy on the TV to encourage me to be a real couch potato. I watched all three FA Cup games. Pleased to say no 'bloody' needed from me, even though Arsenal struggled to overcome Sheffield Utd. Doubt we are bound for the final this year though - not looking at how Man City played against Newcastle. Got odds and ends done in between games.

Today is cloudy and blowy but due to stay dry and it is mild. Meeting a friend this afternoon for a socially distanced walk around my local country park. Done a quick bit of garden maintenance - dead-heading roses and trimming a clematis that was looking a bit wild.

Bloody Burnley

Morning still dull but the wind has dropped a lot, but still chilly. No plans today after I woke up far to early.

Paul Pick is a SKY channel that they are using for showing their free to air games

Rain overnight and it’s not looking too bright now, the window cleaner was obviously out and about early as my living room sash window has been closed from the outside!  Obviously we will now be in for continuous rain for days, clean windows have that effect!!

Leanne is arriving to collect me about 12.30ish so I’m taking my time to do those little things, like empty the bins, do the recycling that even a few days away necessitate.

According to Flora who has heard from a friend in the know, Oceana is being sold, no great surprise if true but she’s a lovely little ship and will be missed. 


Dull and rather damp. Just drizzle not rain.

I'm saying nothing about last night other than I missed being at Palace a lot more than I should have done. Sad ain't it. It's probably not healthy 

Have a smashing few days away Batty.

Thanks Mike. That explains it. I'd never heard of them before. Another game in tonight. The Seaweed v Moneychester United. Think I'll give it a go, not much else on.

Palace are away to Leicester on Saturday. K wonder if that will go ahead.

Not much happening today.

Stay safe





Off to tennis shortly though it's very overcast so not sure whether we'll get a game or not.

Wet overnight but it is drying now.

X Ray all done yesterday in less than 30 minutes from going in to the hospital to being back in the car. Results later this week.

Morning, tired this morning because I had a real bitty night last night and kept waking up, dry and dull this morning with rain forecast this afternoon. No plans for the day


Cloud and sun. A bit warmer.

Went for a walk early this morning. Home now a very quiet day awaits.

Stay safe