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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Hello from Cornwall!! Warm but showery off and on yesterday and today.  No sooner had we arrived in Bodmin had a quick cup of tea, than we set off again to drive to Newquay to pick up a kayak which they had just bought!!

Leanne and I had a drive to Trago Mills this morning for a wander around and we’ve both bought some cheap and cheerful tops!  Cream tea this afternoon and family quiz tonight!

Tomorrow we’re going to St Austell in the afternoon to deliver 3 jars of pickled onions to ES Matt! 

Morning, weekly shop done and no queue again, was sunny and warm when I came out but has clouded over again now, not much else planned

Another damp start to the day and Chelsea rather let me down yesterday. Hope they're as useless when we're there on Saturday but I won't get my hopes up.

Went to clean one of the gutters yesterday and spotted a lot of wasps going in and out of the roof, so as we have home emergency cover with EDF and that includes pest control, I called them yesterday and was told to expect a call today with a time for someone to come and sort this out.

Tennis this afternoon, it's interesting playing when the court's damp as it does make you move more carefully and a sudden change of direction is nigh impossible.


Early sunshine has given way to nasty cloud. Looks like rain.

Meeting a couple of friends for lunch a bit later, after that there ain't much else happening.

Stay safe


Morning, wet and cool start, not much planned for the day apart from stay dry


Sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny, always windy but dry.

Yet another quiet day awaits. Well it will when I get back from the Co-Op.

Stay safe


Wet, cold and miserable again though it was ok yesterday when we were playing tennis. The sun even came out towards the end, obviously to celebrate my victory, ha!

Got to pop out today to collect a couple of bags of plaster which my mate (who owns a hardware store) has kindly reserved for me. Apparently it's like gold dust to find and now we can get the work on the hall restarted we need this so that the plasterer can do his work.

Other than that it'll be a restful day though I am doing some more Admin on our local IAM group.

Back home from a lovely few days in Cornwall in my bubble!  Also saw my ES Matt and DiL Lisa although they’ve both had Covid19 we still socially distanced in the garden, so no hugs from them. The weather was changeable but we did have some lovely warm sunshine for a few hours now and again!  It was good spending time away and Zoom quiz Wednesday was great, I was actually in the same room as my teammates for the first time, plus we won! 

Glad you had a good time with the family Lizzie.

It's another wet and miserable day here so it looks like my Saturday tennis will be cancelled for the third week in a row. I do like playing at this Club but how I wish they had a few indoor courts for days like this.

Well our renovation plans are back on at last. My mate managed to get me a couple of bags of plaster and so the plasterer is coming next week to do the required work on the hall, stairs and landing and then the decorator will get going.

Thanks to the poor weather it looks like being a quiet, do very little day today.

Morning and welcome back home Lizzie. As David another dismal start, but at least the wind has dropped, bo plans for the day