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Cloudy and windy.

Palace away to Leicester this afternoon, live on Pick.

Before then I need to go to the shops get some grub in. Didn't go yesterday in the end but I must go today.

Not much else happening today.

Stay safe


David I wish there was plaster available down here as my youngest grandson (20) had only just set up his little one man band plastering business a couple of months before lockdown, plenty of clients but no plaster!!  It’s like gold dust.

Overnight showers but dry now, I’m not going out as my Sainsbury delivery arrived last evening.  I’m dreading closing time for the pubs this evening, one of the downsides of living in the centre of this little town!  

Sorry not to have contributed for a few days. Nothing interesting or exciting happening. Apart from my Tesco shop yesterday and the odd local walk, nothing has happened since I met a friend for a walk on Monday. Had put in Thursday for a walk with another friend but heavy rain was promised and duly arrived.

Sounds like you had a great time in Cornwall Lizzie. Not surprised to hear about Oceana - I think she would have gone in 2022 but Covid has brought that forward. She's a nice warm-weather ship but I still prefer Aurora and Arcadia above her.

Lots of footy on today so I will be a bit of a couch potato. Heavy cloud outside but not cold. Will have to walk around the house a bit at half times and between games 😄

Bloody Leicester

Quote from Paultheeagle on July 4, 2020, 4:56 pm

Bloody Leicester

and it's a bloody Chelsea from me, though I bet Andrew's feeling rather smug with the Gunners winning at Wolves!

It's a dull start to the day but and it's just started raining though it was dry when I first got up

Our Ethan came up for a visit again and it's such a pleasure seeing his smiling dface as he toddles into the house. I popped down to Bury Market (no tennis so I had time) to get some muffins, cheese etc. and there was a lovely picture on our famuily WhatsApp Group later of Ethan chomping on one of the flapjacks I'd bought.

Then as the day went on, I was that bored that I volunteered to pop out and do a shop and actually managed to get about 90%+ of the items on the list and resisted buying any little goodies.

Our daughter persuaded us we should watch Hamilton which is currently available on Disney+, it's a recording of the original cast, I think from the Broadway production and it was really good. I had a preconception that it was all rap but no, some great songs a good story and some superb performances. Another on the list to see if/when it comes to Manchester.

Off to organise the Observed Rides this morning, not yet back riding partly as my bike won't be back for a few weeks and partly as I'm not 100% fit, my wrist still sore. However I've been offered a loan bike by one of my friends so hopefully another week or so and I can get back on 2 wheels.

Once home I think it'll be a bit more wallpaper stripping to get prepared for the decorator coming in the next week or two.

Morning, noisy old night with the wind howling around, but I still managed to sleep well. Sunny and windy this morning, just the phone call to my mum today, and to tell her of, my sister rang last night and told me she is taking an anti nausea tablet but felt well so stopped taking them so of course she was then sick!


Sunny but very windy.

Out early this morning. Got the tram to New Addington (one change and 3 stops) and walked back. Had a cuppa and just got back from the fishmongers with a pintt of prawns and a few cockles and whelks, that's me tea sorted out.

Not much else happening today.

Stay safe



How I wish Wetherspoons had not been allowed to buy into Teignmouth, we had more than enough pubs as it was without them arriving with all day drinking and closing time at midnight!! I think the local pubs that opened were careful about their opening hours, they seemed to stagger them unlike Wetherspoons which opened at 8am as usual.  Apparently they have all the correct guidelines in place but where they are situated makes queuing to get in a nightmare for pedestrians trying to use the same pavement.   You may have guessed by now that I’m not a fan! 
Went downstairs to the little cafe for a light lunch, they have Perspex screening between tables, table service only so I felt really safe eating there and pleased to support an independent local business.

Really warm in the sunshine but there’s a very sharp, strong wind so the Mafia didn’t stay in the courtyard for long this morning. 

Pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to post a "bloody Wolves". They have been tough to beat this season, especially at home.

Today has been largely bright and very breezy. Watched the lunchtime footy courtesy of Pick, then went for a walk. Saw a spitfire in the distance, which was doing a fly-past of the local hospitals for the NHS anniversary - it came from the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. Then went out to do the NHS clap but there were only 3 of us!

Now watching the footy on BBC1.