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Welcome to Dolly's Place

Morning, bright and breezy this morning again, washing is on and that is the only plan for today

Another wet start to the day but the forecast is for a drier afternoon and I hope that's right as we're planning to play tennis then instead of tomorrow when heavy rain is forecast.

Did over 4 hours of wallpaper stripping yesterday and still got a lot more to do this week. Glad Liverpool kept Villa below us but  it's still looking very risky at the bottom of the Premiership.

Off to a local pub for our dinner tonight, it's owned by JW Lees which is the brewery our eldest works for, so we're trying to support them, plus we've always had very good meals there.

Bright sunny morning, the strong winds of yesterday have dropped considerably so hopefully the Mafia will be able to enjoy a longer meeting and cuppa.

The fire alarm testing is restarting today so that should startle a few people! 


Cloudy, very windy.

A day off from walking today. I feel yuk if you know what I mean, so I'm taking it very easy today.

Stay safe


Morning, cloudy and dull start, not much planned for the day

The rain has started and it's predicted to carry on all day.

It did brighten up yesterday and we had a good tennis game, although I started off terribly losing the first set 6-0! However managed to turn it around and won the next two sets 6-2,6-2 to take the match.

The pest control company came in the morning and so our wasp nest problem should be gone soon as they've sprayed the area, (it was hiding away in the eaves at the top of the roof).

Very nice meal out yesterday evening at the nearby pub and we were made very welcome. Seemed very strange as there were so few people there and it's normally quite a busy venue.

Anyway I'll be wallpaper stripping today as there's not much else on the cards to do.


Sunny and a tad cloudy. Not as windy as the past couple of days.

Out early again this morning. I got the tram a couple of stops and walked to an outside cafe I know. They are actually an indoor cafe but have a few tables outside. I managed to get an outside table, out of the wind and for the first time in 4 months I had a full English. I've read me paper and an currently on me 3rd cuppa. 

Going to friend's this afternoon for dinner and to watch Palace v Chelsea live in Sky. Kick off 6.00 pm.

Stay safe


Had a rather un-motivated, lazy day yesterday.

Today is cloudy but reasonably bright. Window cleaner coming, so that will be exciting 😏🙄. Might take a trip to Majestic Wine to stock up.

Well, I see P&O have confirmed that Oceana - as expected - is leaving the fleet. Sorry for all those pax losing their cruises but not at all sorry for the draconian, backwards-in-attitude gulf states.

they were always going to get rid of another with the big ships, glad it is Oceana rather  than Aurura

Bloody Chelsea