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Welcome to Dolly's Place

A very pleasant day today, warm and sunny with a light wind so we sat out for almost 3 hours chatting and putting the world to rights!  Apparently we are due to have rain overnight so I haven’t watered the planters, I won’t be happy if the rain misses us! 

Morning, miserable wet morning after a wet night, no plans again today apart from stay dry, hate these wet and cold days as it means I can't sit out, hopefully the forecast for the weekend is ok


It's been a miserable day, drizzling with rain and very dull.

Palace were do unlucky last night. The least we deserved was a draw. But that's the way it goes sometimes. Roll on Sunday when we play Villa.

Ain't done much today not even been for a walk.

Stay safe


Another dull day, some rain but nothing too heavy.

Busy wallpaper stripping again and also doing some sorting for the new Group website that is under development. Our Ethan is with us for the afternoon as Mum & Dad are both working and I was going to have some time with him but the hinge snapped on our kitchen door, so I had to hightail it down to get two new hinges from my mate's hardware shop, after I'd managed to get the old ones off and I've fitted them and when our son arrives we're going to rehang the door.

A much needed win for the Hornets last night, if we can get another 6 points from the last 4 games we should be safe but..........



Started off wet but brightening up now.

More wallpaper stripping today and the plasterer is here doing his bits.

Tennis this afternoon.

Thank you Burnley.


Morning, weekly shop done, much better at Tesco now the one way system has gone, forgot my wallet though, thank goodness for Google pay on my phone,first time I have used it.

Fuming with family,My Dad's brother died two weeks ago, the last one of three and his son has said my Mother and sister can not go to the funeral as there will be no room even though there is only 8 family and the church will hold 30 with distancing, obviously my Mum is very upset as she had known David for over 70 years. It's so true when they say you can choose your friends not your family. Then I had trouble droping off last night thinking about it


That’s so upsetting for your Mum Mike, I’m so sorry.

Grey morning here, there may have been some overnight mizzle but not enough so luckily I had watered and fed the plants yesterday.

Last night the local teenage yobs were rampaging loudly around the town as they have done since the 4th week of lockdown.  Obviously they consider themselves immune not only from Covid19 but also the law.  They ended up as per usual in and around the bus shelter opposite the apartments  a police car drove slowly passed them twice, the kids completely ignored it and carried on with their loud anti social behaviour.  On the 3rd drive past the car stopped followed by 2 more marked and one unmarked police cars and the police van!!  The kids just drifted away after a few words, some of them regrouped and returned later to wander around the town!!  What a complete waste of police time and resources these little oiks cause, I  know that Teignmouth is considered a hot spot for teenage ASB, the police have told me, so why can’t we have a police presence 24/7 , a car driving around at night as a deterrent instead of having to wait up to an hour to get any police to attend.  No doubt last night’s incident was called in due to earlier ASB on one of the beaches and they tracked them to the bus shelter, as the kids were winding down, although still extremely noisy and aggressive.  15+ teenagers some no older than 14 creating mayhem at 11.45!!!! As I said a few regrouped and were still going back into the town well after midnight, don’t their parents care what they’re doing or where they are?!

Rant over! 😡😂

What on earth makes Teignmouth a hotspot for ASB Lizzie? I'd always assumed it is a fairly genteel little place.

We are in a weather rut here. It feels like it has been dull and wet for ever, even though it's only a few days. Yesterday was horrible, especially the afternoon and evening. I did get out to drive to an M&S food hall for some treats etc. Been watching a fair bit of footy on TV - on the subject of which, Bloody Jamie Vardy!

No real plans for today - it is very cloudy and dull but not raining yet.

I'm trying to sort out in my head what to do about my retirement cruise booked for early next year. I'm quite doubtful that P&O will want to do a world cruise next year, although they will probably be reluctant to cancel it too. I thought of trying to reschedule to 2022 but there isn't an equivalent sector. I specifically chose a sector that avoids having to fly to/from Australia and the 2022 itinerary isn't offering that. The other issues going around in my head are that even if they do run it, will there need to be changes to the itinerary and what will the on-board experience be like? I don't have to pay the (very considerable) balance until October but everything keeps rolling around in my head! Very much a 'first-world' problem I know. Any thoughts will be welcome!


It's been a dull mizzerly sort of day.

Andrew.......What a dilemma! I would leave it until June,  go somewhere then, that way you won't miss several weeks of the football season. Either that or leave it until 3022 when, surely the world will be back to normal.......Well you did ask.

Sorry about your hooligan problem Batty. We had something similar around here. The police did nothing. Not until and a couple of neighbours or three got together and confronted then head on and there was a fight. One of said neighbours ended up in a cell accused of assault. He assaulted no one and was let go with a warning. The rest of us neighbours campaigned to get his name cleared, the local councillors and our MP were involved. He got an apology. The kids disappeared as well and for about 6 months we had a regular patrol come round.

I ain't done nothing today.

Stay safe



Morning, we've actually got sunshine this morning! not much planned again today but hopefully if it stays sunny I might get to sit out a bit this afternoon