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Welcome to Dolly's Place

That's so sad to read Mike and our condolences on your loss.

I'm amazed anyone dare show ASB with you around Lizzie 

Well done MUFC but rubbish Spurs.

Good game of tennis yesterday and a very hard fought 4-6; 6-4 draw. The rain held off while we played but it's a miserable start to today, drizzly and overcast.

More wallpaper stripping to come soon and might get that finished today. Plasterer here again and he'll be done as well then it's the decorating to begin next week.


Early morning cloud had parted and we are in sunshine. A few clouds still up there but they is white ones and fluffy.

Ain't been out yet. Sitting here waiting for BT to connect me which they should complete today. I've only been waiting about 4 weeks now since I ordered it.

So a quiet day awaits the highlight being me fish n chips tea.

Stay safe


Hallelujah, the sun is back 🎉. It has been so dreich for the last 4 days, I was getting really fed up with it.

No real plans for today but with the better weather I will get out for a walk this afternoon.

Well done to Bournemouth's defence last night for keeping at bay that rabble from N17 - they really were rubbish 😂

Lovely day today, sat out in the courtyard and had to keep moving into the shade it became so hot!

The ‘having a go and facing them down’ route has been tried by some of the local shopkeepers Paul.  Did absolutely no good at all as the kids are so young they consider themselves untouchable by the law and just answer back complete with plenty of Anglo Saxon words!!!  Very aggressive little sods usually full of hash, we have a problem with drugs, kids as drug runners and selling at the local secondary school! Their parents have no control over them, some I’m certain are frightened of their own children!  It’s become very bad in the last 18months which is such a shame as I always felt very safe walking around even late at night coming back from Plymouth on the late way would I do that walk from the station in the dark now!!!!   So sad because this is a lovely little seaside town and doesn’t deserve to be overrun by these vile kids and their ASB.  I really worry that something awful will happen. 

Morning, bright and sunny start, not much planned today

A bit of rain to start the day but only a drizzle really and it's going to brighten up so I can get my tennis match in at 1pm.

Very disappointed with Spurs, they were indeedd rubbish but the reds did a good job thumping Villa. Now we really need 3 points today against Newcastle.

Plasterer finished yesterday and he's done a really good job and the staircase company came in the afternoon, a little unexpectedly, to finish off the work on the new staircase. Just a bit of snagging really but it had to be put on hold when the lockdown struck.

So I've nearly finished all the wallpaper stripping and give it another couple of weeks and we'll have a lovely refurbished hall and landing........I hope.

Not a lot else planned today but Tina's very excited as she has a hairdressing appointment this afternoon!


Sunny with fluffy bits.

Going over to Croydon's retail park today on the tram, not that I want anything in particular but it's something different to do. Palace ain't playing until tomorrow but there are two games on Pick this afternoon do I will watch them.

I'll have a takeaway delivered tonight (is that an oxymoron). Nothing else happening today.

Just heard another of our 1966 World Cup winners has passed away (can't be many left now) RIP Jack Charlton.

Stay safe.



Brighter and warmer today so got a couple of washings done and out on the line. More footy on today. Just watched West Ham thrash poor old Norwich to condemn them to relegation. Well done to Watford though - good result for them. Liverpool v Burnley up next! Have a good weekend all - not that weekends are any different to weekdays at the moment!

Lovely sunny day but there’s some very large clouds around which really cause the temperature to drop until they’ve moved away from the sun!  Went out for a little light shopping, plenty of people around as expected but I managed to navigate myself around keeping a good metre away from them all.  I expect the seafront and the beaches are busy as well but I’m keeping away from them.

Had a lovely walk along the beach Thursday evening whilst waiting for the best fish and chip shop to open.  The tide was going out so it was easy to walk on the harder sand plus hardly anyone around, most enjoyable as were the fish and chips....I was first in the queue!! 

Very enjoyable tennis game as I was really on form and  6-2; 6-2 victory and then on the way home stopped for a chat with one of our neighbours who advised we'd beaten Newcastle so a double victory.

It looks like being a nice day today, dry and bright already and off to ensure all the Observed Rides get off ok, than probably get the grass strimmed and cut once I'm back.

Come on Palace and Leicester, a couple of away wins today would be very welcome.

Maybe a trip to B&Q later to have a look at paint and wallpaper, otherwise a quiet day.