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Your Requests

We'll try and build together.  If you have forum are ideas or other suggestions, let me know and i'll see if it is possible

It’s 14 years since the original CN almost to the date! 

It's just great to be back Brad. Thank you so much for sorting this. I've been a tad lost with out me Crows nest. 



Welcome back PTE. 👍🏼

14 years? that's means it's 14 years since I first met Brad on the way to Egypt on his and Louise's honeymoon!

actually 13 folks. 

Nov 5 2006 - I remember the evening well. We were planning our Honeymoon prior to our Wedding on Nov 11. It was Bonfire night, we never went out on Nov 5 as one of our dogs was very nervous and we stayed in to comfort her.....CN was born!

Oops I thought it was 2005, not to worry it’s still a long time and so many friendships have been made due to that evening Brad. 

Thank you Brad,its lovely to see it back.